Self-Storage Facility: Get More Out of Your Store

New Year, New You right? New house, new materials, new cars, and all the things! Find a self-storage facility near you to store and archive the old.

Below are three tips to ensure you are getting the best usage out of your storage unit.

1. Totes Over Boxes

The first and most obvious tip is to use a tote, or plastic container, instead of using a cardboard box to pack up your items. A tote does the same thing a box can do – you can even write on it with sharpie as well

#WeWantTotes because one thing they do that a cardboard box does not is preserve.

A box can become soggy, have a faulty bottom or sides, and they don’t conveniently close. They’re left with space open on the top so its easier for debris in your self-storage facility – dust and insects – to collect. You could tape your box closed, but then you’d have to cut it open and re-tape it shut every time you’re looking for something new or trying to find something old.

2. Map Out Your Self-Storage Unit

For all you organizational-crazed people out there, this may be your favorite tip: MAP OUT YOUR UNIT! This is especially helpful if you are filling your storage unit with different types of items. Know where you are placing them. Your time spent in your unit will be efficient – you won’t waste an hour trying to remember where you last put “that one tote.” Tack the map on the wall and its there whenever you or anyone else needs it! Whether your self-storage facility offers a 5×5 or 10×15 storage unit, knowing where your items are will save you time and money.

3. Think About Installing Shelves

Do you have items that you don’t want to be on the ground of your storage unit or in your self-storage facility? Items that are more delicate? Install shelves! Build a bookshelf or cabinet type of shelf to store your items on. Freestanding shelving units will allow you to store vertically, helping you to optimize the space in your unit.

3-tiered steel wired shelving unit to place in your self-storage facility or unit
to get more out of your store!
Home Depot’s 3-Tiered freestanding shelving unit

Honorable Mention: Find A Temperature-Controlled Unit or Facility

What will really set your unit apart from other self-storage facilities or units is renting a temperature-controlled storage unit or facility. Worry no more about certain items sweating or freezing, set the temperature to what you feel will best preserve your items in your unit!

Locate the closest Mini Storage Depot near you, find a self-storage facility, and get more out of your store!

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