Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home

In spring-cleaning season, you may be looking for different ways to efficiently store and declutter your home. Here are three hidden storage ideas to declutter your home.

1. Under the Bed

One of the most common places where people shove miscellaneous items is underneath their beds. Instead of random clutter laying around, why not make this an organized area that is hidden from plain view? This space is an outstanding area for slender totes to fill with bedding, off-season clothes, or towels.

2. Coffee Tables & Storage Ottomans

When purchasing furniture for your home, invest in tables that include drawers and ottomans with storage. Drawers can act as catchalls for items like keys, writing utensils, notebooks, notepads, and small items that can be easily lost. Ottomans are good for larger objects like throw blankets and pillows that are not currently being used.

3. Back of the Door

Door hangers are excellent for making additional space in your already enclosed spaces. In closets, the idea is perfect for shoes, purses, and file folders. If you choose to use this on a kitchen pantry door, it can be for non-perishable snacks or even cleaning supplies. For a bathroom with limited storage, a door hanger is perfect for toilet paper, paper towels, bath towels, hairbrushes, and shampoos, creating clutter free counters and sinks!

Over the door storage space for non-perishable items.

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